Why i’ve switched from Ubuntu to Mac

I’d used linux and Ubuntu for many years, both on server and on desktop. Main reason it was stability of linux. Linux was much more stable than Windows, where you need to reinstall it every half a year, and anyway, you’ll get a lot of crashes.

Few years ago Ubuntu has really ugly UI and lack of features for desktop users. But things are changing, right now it looks much better, developers are adding features, one by one. But, at other hand, after every added feature we get a lot of added bugs :( It’s okay, sadly, but it’s a rule of software development. The problem that nobody want to fix them. It’s cool to add a new feature, but fixing a bug isn’t, because nobody sees it. So, there is no motivation to fix bugs.

As a result – we have unstable OS. Gnome crashes few times a week, have a lot of UI issues, wifi problems, hibernate problems, multi-monitor problems, slow as a snail, and seems that you need to reinstall it periodically, etc, etc :( So Windows becomes more solid at this point.

Ok, it tries to be like Mac OS. But right now it more like a very ugly Mac OS.

Looks like Linux have lost its advantages and opportunities at desktop market :( So, I just bought a Macbook Pro.

PS linux is still doing good on servers, i’m talking only about desktop


Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.10

Month ago had upgraded Ubuntu Netbook Remix at our EeePC to 10.10, and i was very disappointed about it :( It become much worse than 10.04. It’s very slow, new UI are unusable, but “desktop UI” and previous version (aka “2D”) are broken :( When you are trying to open “File manager” is requires at least 7-10 seconds!!! Even WinXP can show you your files in 1-2 seconds. And every time you click on it, it starts showing you from the start! So, for example, if you are uploading photos to facebook, and browsing your local images directory, to select what to upload (as you know Ubuntu still can’t make thumbnail list at “Open File Dialog”, just like “windows¬†3.11”),¬†you must start browsing to last opened picture every time you click on “File manager”. It takes 10-20 clicks every time. If you remembered last directory.

So Netbook Remix are unusable on ASUS eeePC, it’s also much slower than Windows 7 or Windows XP :( Common guys, it’s just an Atom 1.6 Ghz with 1Gb of memory. Looks like 10.10 optimized for at least Core2Duo with 2-3 Gb, even netbook version.

So, as a result we had installed Windows 7 on this netbook. There are no alternative now :( And I am very saddened by this.