Internet in Russia

Decided to write few articles about Internet industry in Russia. It seems that it can be interesting, because it’s really unique situation there.

First of all – Russia is a very large country, but only small part of people are using Internet in their daily life, it’s about 30-40m active internet users there (143m people in total). Actually most of Internet users are living in Moscow. Or Saint-Petersburg. As for Moscow, there is about 6m active Internet users (15% of a whole country). For comparison, USA have a little more that 200m Internet users. Btw, Internet usage in Russian is growing very fast.

But most interesting part that some major, and popular worldwide, services like Google or Facebook isn’t so much popular there. Sometimes because there are some alternatives of them, or clones, that gain main audience. But many of US services is not popular there at all, even as a alternatives. I mean services like eBay or Digg, for example.

And there is totally different situation with web users. Most of them doesn’t speak English at all, or, for example, Opera browser is very popular there.

Okay, its just an introduction, I’m going to write more about different aspects


Facebook’s FQL Console

For my current project i need to querying Facebook’s Graph API very often, by the hand, for testing and exploring. But there was no any good tool for it, so i’d made an simple tool for querying facebook: FQL Console

It’s easy to use, you have to setup your app keys, user session, and then you can make any query. As a result you can see plain JSON response of this query, and an grid view for it. Just look at this screenshot:

I’d uploaded this tool, with sources, at github. So, if you want to use it feel free to download from there:

PS Interesting thing: official Facebook Developer Forum doesn’t support Facebook Connect (sic!), only oldschool register/confirm/login/password. So i have no way to promote my tool on this forum. If you have access to it, post about this tool, please. Thanks.