TL;TR – Software architect. Full-stack developer, with focus on backend and JVM technologies. With huge experience of working in distributed teams.

Distributed teams

For many years I’ve been working in distributed teams, across countries and cities. It was different teams, was a developer and a manager in such teams. And I can help you with building a production distributed team, with most talented people.

General Interest

  • data processing
  • blockchain
  • security
  • distributed systems


  • JVM stack, Java, Groovy and Clojure
  • Spring Framework stack (including Spring Security, Spring Social, Spring Boot, Project Reactor, etc)
  • Google Cloud and Google App Engine, Kubernetes, Docker
  • R, mostly for data visualization
  • ElasticSearch, Kibana, large scale ELK
  • APIs, RESTful, consuming/producing/integration
  • Blockchain and Ethereum
  • full web stack, ReactJS fan
  • + thousands of other things

Specializing in different aspects of working with data, storing and processing, distributed data, big data, fast data, data analytics, blockchain, as well as data security and encryption.

I’d like to work for a startup or small biz that makes a B2C product. I’m not working for agencies, outsources or like this. Only working with actual business, with dedicated team hired for particular product or service.

Some stuff I can do

If we’re talking about consulting or short term and niche services, this particular services I can provide:

  • Architecture Design for Google Cloud – can optimize for App Engine or Container Engine, find ways to improve performance, make app scalable and fault tolerant, help with improving app architecture or designing an app from the ground.
  • User Authentication & Security with Spring Security – can take care about any part of user security part of your app, implement any tricky custom authentication, or auth through 3rd party services (Facebook, etc); as well as security audit, testing, etc.
  • Analytics and Monitoring systems for large clusters, based on ElasticSearch/ELK
  • Blockchain & Ethereum – integrate blockchain tech with your business, Smart Contracts and Dapps


If you have something interesting – send me a note at