SaaS for Google Cloud monitoring and analytics

I’ve been using Google Cloud since the yearly days, I think it was year 2009 when I’ve deployed my first website to the App Engine. Since then I was doing consulting, made many projects, experiments, and so on. For past few months I’ve been working on, it’s a SaaS solution for analytics and monitoring for applications hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

The project in the early stage currently, and it supports only Google App Engine at this moment. But support for Cloud Containers/GKE is coming soon (and probably plain Kubernetes in near future).

For events data storage we’re using ElasticSearch and customized version of Kibana 4. From user perspective we offer a ELK for Google Cloud. If you’ve ever tried, you know that ELK is pretty hard to setup, especially the part related to Logstash, it has a mind of its own :)

So to make our customer’s life happier and give them a time to focus on their product, we offer ELK as a service, with literally one-click install, thanks to Google Cloud APIs. And also we made a custom log fetcher, based on Kafka, which is really good and gives us a capability to process terabytes of logs. Or maybe more, we’ll see.

Kibana if very powerful and popular tools this days. I personally believe that it’s not just a tool for monitoring, it can also hit up to 80% of analytics commonly used for internet products. You can easily build most of standard dashboards with common metrics and KPIs there. We want to help to do almost any analytics, and therefore we’ll keep evolve the service. Our big idea includes BigQuery and more serious analytics. For now it’s on an early stage, and an analysis logs with Kibana is just a first step.

PS We also interested in custom solutions, not necessary related to Google Cloud. If you know someone who need something like this – I’ll be happy to help, just let me know. My emails are or

PPS The name of the service, again, is


Igor Artamonov

Professional software developer since 2001, have been writing code since 1995. Data processing for Cloud, Ethereum & Blockchain