Comparing Google Gmail Apps

gmails That’s happened that I’m using Android and iOS devices at same time. I mean I have Android phone to make calls, and iPod Touch for applications and internet. So, I’m having both of them at my pocket all the time.

As I said, Android is for calls, iPod for apps, but there is an app that I have on Android as well. It’s official client for Gmail. Same app, made by Google itself, for same Google service, just Android version and iOS version.

The problem that Android app sucks, and iOS is pretty good. It’s not only about UI, the bigger problem is broken conception of mail client. On Android it takes few minutes (yes, minutes!) to load list of emails. But just a dozen of seconds on iOS. It’s on the same high-speed WI-FI. WTF?

Ok, I have an idea, I guess it’s because Android supposed to use system sync for email. And can load data from GMail only on system sync, on background. But sync is another problem, don’t work as expected, so half the time it’s switched off on my device (also, why I should care about internal OS architecture, if I just need to open an email?)

So, I’m using iOS version most the time. But, because it’s iPod Touch, that can connect only through WI-FI, I have to share my 3G from Android to iPod when I don’t have any. And it’s still much easier to do, than using Android app.

Or I have another workaround: when I have only Android in my pocket, I could open Gmail in the browser, mobile version is more usable, and faster to load than a native app.

So what other developers should do? Follow same way? Make crappy app for Android, but usable app for iOS?

PS Just in case if it’s something specific to Android version, not to app version: I have a latest version of Android. Latest that is available for my smartphone. Actually it was outdated for more that half a year when I bought it, but there are no way to update to any other version. And it’s another question to Android product manager.


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