Niche for Scala

At last post I mentioned that i’m not using Scala because of academic nature, syntax and so on. BTW, i’ve different used programming languages, sometimes with worst syntax. I spent much time on Perl. And also i’ve used Q programing language. You know, Scala have much better syntax :) I only don’t understand why they are drop standard java syntax for standard cases? Why

for(i <- mylist ){

is better than standard:

for (i: mylist) {

, etc. I see only one reason: to be different. What for?

But actually it doesn’t matter. I’ve used Perl and Q only because they have their niche, where they’re works best (ok, perl lost it now, but you know, when I used it, 10 years ago it has it). But I don’t understand niche of Scala. What is it for? If I want to develop fast code – i will choose Java. If I’m looking for syntax sugar and easy development – Groovy. Want functional code – choose Clojure. It’s just my current vision.

I definitely will try Scale one more time. Just because i see that many interesting project are using it, GridGain for example. But first I need to understand what project better fits for Scala. Can someone help me with it?


Igor Artamonov

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