Facebook’s FQL Console

For my current project i need to querying Facebook’s Graph API very often, by the hand, for testing and exploring. But there was no any good tool for it, so i’d made an simple tool for querying facebook: FQL Console

It’s easy to use, you have to setup your app keys, user session, and then you can make any query. As a result you can see plain JSON response of this query, and an grid view for it. Just look at this screenshot:

I’d uploaded this tool, with sources, at github. So, if you want to use it feel free to download from there:


PS Interesting thing: official Facebook Developer Forum doesn’t support Facebook Connect (sic!), only oldschool register/confirm/login/password. So i have no way to promote my tool on this forum. If you have access to it, post about this tool, please. Thanks.

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Igor Artamonov

Professional software developer since 2001, have been writing code since 1995. Data processing for Cloud, Ethereum & Blockchain

  • joe

    jetty.xml is missing these lines in the handlers config:

    Worked fine after I added that, thanks!

  • joe

    Code didn’t come through the last comment. In order for this tool to work, you need to add a RequestLogHandler in the handler config of jetty.xml

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  • mbono


    Could you please give me a detailed instruction how to use your tool? I’m starting playing with facebook apps and found a problem running fbconsole. I’ve changed the jetty.xml and run .bat, created facebook app, passed App Key and App Secret to fbconsole. For public data it works fine, but for private wants to have User Session. How can I obtain it?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Igor Artamonov

    Hi mbono,

    it provided by facebook after authorization through your app. You can use examples from Javascript SDK for this task: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/javascript/FB.login/ , you’ll find it at response.session.session_key

  • What exactly do I have to change in the jetty.xml to run it successfully?

  • This seemed to work https://gist.github.com/883029

  • I also needed some kind of tool fro my project to easily create and test Facebook Query Language (FQL) queries so at some point of development I decided to extend my existing free tool Log Parser Lizard with support for FQL (LPL has additional features and it is not only for FQL).

    I just want to share this information with FB developers community and I hope that someone will find it useful. You can download Log Parser Lizard from here Lizard Labs

    P.S. I’ve posted this info on official Facebook Developer Forum and I was banned as a spammer :( I really only want to contribute to the dev community with my work here.